NATO must become more labile and learn to draw lessons

Clemens Wergin | Die WeltIn search of the future of NATO strategy is divided into three camps: first, the U.S. forces which gradually runs out; secondly, Eastern Europe, feel threatened by Russia; and, thirdly, old Europe, tesuda illusions of the late 199s and most of all wanting "to be left alone with all these world problems", writes in his commentary, published in Die Welt, Clemens Wergin.In this regard, the author acknowledges, the Commission chaired by former U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright was not easy to consider all interests when drafting a new strategy of the Alliance."With regard to topics such as cyber attacks and energy security," the author continues, some experts cost quite carefully, proposing, however, clearly identify the conditions under which it would be worth sounding the alarm". From financial problems, argue the authors of the document, should learn the lesson: NATO should be more labile and agile, and additional resources should be found within the military bureaucracy. "When Albright took the opportunity to raise a couple unpleasant to Europeans: it considers the deployment of additional missile defense elements on the background of the Iranian threat is necessary and insists on maintaining nuclear deterrence, which should appeal to Europe".No less important in the document, the journalist continues, that the Commission headed Albright was aware that such concepts "are the desire to shape the future through the recent past and present". So, after just 2 years after the adoption of the previous strategy of NATO in 1999, the events of 11 September 21 in new York and Washington have completely changed the world.In this regard, notes Vergin Commission's proposed organizational changes may have priority. Читать полностью -->

Wife of Luzhkov in the top three of the richest in the world

Forbes put Baturina in the top three richest business woman of the worldEntrepreneur and wife of the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov Elena Baturina is among the three richest businesswoman in the world by Forbes magazine, reports RIA "Novosti".The richest woman that broke into the billionaire club, was the Chinese Wu Yajun scored its $ 3.9 bn mainly on real estate business. The second position - Rosalia Mera, co-founder of the Zara Empire "standing" $ 3.5 billion.Baturina has bypassed such well-known businesswoman in the world, the show diva Oprah Winfrey with a capital of 2.4 billion dollars, the owner of the Gap Empire, consisting of 3 thousand of shops, brands Old Navy and Banana Republis Doris Fisher, owner of the brand Benetton Giuliana Benetton with $ 2.1 billion, is the richest author JK Rowling, earned on the series of novels about Harry Potter and the movies $ 1 billion.State Baturina edition is estimated at 2.9 billion dollars. His career Baturina started working at the factory, before founding his own company "Inteko" and then "the Patriot", the newspaper reminds. It occupies the third position in the list of 14 names of the fairer sex, which amounted to their own capital to the amount of more than a billion dollars. All in all, the club of billionaires Forbes - 1 11 thousand persons.Half of the list are self-made-woman - representative of Asia, mainly Chinese women. While only one of the ladies decided to Express their ambitions in politics - American Meg Whitman, "risen" on the Internet boom, has been nominated as Republican candidate for Governor of California. Читать полностью -->

Forbes magazine has compared the Russian army with animal farm

The situation in the Russian army is reminiscent of "animal farm" from the same works of the famous English writer George Orwell, writes the American magazine Forbes. "Hungry, nedosypayuschie, beat officers and colleagues, perhaps even engaged in prostitution to earn a living," describes the author of the Russian soldiers, reports InoPressa.The journalist Dmitry Sidorov is reminiscent of the scandal that erupted this week between Russia and Poland. On Tuesday, Russian investigative authorities have admitted that four Russian servicemen are suspected of stealing Bank cards one of the victims of the plane crash that killed President Lech Kaczynski.The incident involved a conscript soldiers standing in a cordon at the scene. As it turned out, three of them were previously convicted for theft and forgery of banknotes.If the soldiers who stole the money the Polish officer, will appear before the court raise the question of human dignity and human rights in the Russian army, says Sidorov.The German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung notes that in recent years among Russian recruits more ex-criminals. The paper asks how this fits into the image of the Russian army, consisting only of "heroes and liberators"."The population of Russia is steadily declining, thousands of young men of military age are either ill or drug addicts - and the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation is forced to join the ranks of soldiers, young men who had a criminal record," concludes the author, adding that this trend is fraught with explosive potential, leading to outbreaks of violence in the army.Hazing is one of the main reasons why young Russians of military age do not want to go into the army, writes another German newspaper Der Standard. It notes that often the bullying I had to endure the recruits from "seniors", end with severe injuries, if not death.Because of this, families of young people who have reached military age, not stop at nothing, if only the sons avoided military service. Читать полностью -->

In the economy returned pessimism

OLGA GERMELINAThe Russian economy is increasingly showing signs of stagnation. Market participants expect the worst pace of sales in September-October and revise production plans. As a consequence, in the coming months may again start rising unemployment. Well feel only the manufacturing industry, according to experts HSBC.According to the Institute of economic policy (IEP), in August the Russian industry has maintained the growth rate of output, prices and employment. But demand forecasts, evaluating sales, output plans and recruitment, as well as extremely careful inventory control policy indicate the growing uncertainty of the future, says head of the laboratory for tactical polls of Institute of Institute Sergey Tsukhlo.In September-October of the enterprise are configured on the worst sales growth in 21, follows from the data of the IEP survey for August. Initial, cleared of seasonality expectations demonstrate the willingness of the industry to zero growth in demand this fall. Читать полностью -->

The pacification of the Ukrainian outskirts

As Yanukovych traveled to Lviv and Western UkraineCrest Vic to bow to the king-father came."It's about the Crimea, the pipe you - now, tomorrow will sell the people.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Worse than in 1998

Default 1998 will soon cease to be a symbol of economic decline in Russia. His place will be taken by the current crisis years. Experts believe the recovery will be long and difficult.These findings suggests a new report from the Institute of the Institute for the economy in transition (IET), Institute of Yegor Gaidar). According to the published results of comparing the current crisis with the consequences of the default of 1998, for many businesses, the current crisis appears to be extremely heavy, especially during the crisis of 1998, which in comparison with the global depression of 29 seems to be a small misunderstanding.Comparing the two crises, analysts IET celebrate the first fundamental difference: in the crisis of 1998 the Russian industry was gradually drawn. More precisely, she was in crisis 9-ies of the last century and in 1998 only came out in a local minimum. The index of industrial optimism IET (which describes the mood of business leaders) never reached in those years of positive values.In 28, the index began to fall from July and for the six months lost 49 points. Читать полностью -->

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